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Our Food

What food do you serve?

We serve Mediterranean food.

The passion for Mediterranean and North African cuisine is the inspiration for the food of the Sasson Bar, which evokes nostalgia in us, a feeling of old-new, tastes of the past with a modern touch.

Are there vegan dishes?

Of course! The vegan dishes are detailed in the restaurant's regular menu accompanied by a symbol indicating that the dish is vegan or can be modified to be vegan.

Are there gluten-free dishes?

Yes! We have a menu entirely for those avoiding gluten.

Dishes defined as gluten-free are those made from gluten-free raw materials, while avoiding cross-contamination in their preparation, although it is important to note that in the kitchen there are raw materials/dishes containing gluten!

are you kosher?

We do not have a kosher certificate.

Are the materials you use fresh?

Of course! We maintain an uncompromising quality standard.

Is there a business menu?

We have a business menu every day between 12:00 and 17:00, except Saturdays.

The Place

Where are you located?

We are a Haifa based restaurant .

Our address: Horev 10, Haifa.

Is it possible to book a table?

It is possible and recommended to make a reservation at the restaurant.

To book a table click here

Do you make deliveries?

Sure, we make deliveries throughout Haifa!

Delivery hours: Sunday to Thursday - 11:00-17:00

To order delivery click here

What are your working hours?

The restaurant is open every day: 12:00-23:30​

On holidays, it is recommended to check with us to see if we are open.

Is there dedicated parking for the restaurant?

There is no dedicated parking for the restaurant.

Although we are located in the center of the Carmel and there are parking spaces on the street including disabled parking spots next to the restaurant.

Is it possible to have an event at your place?

You can celebrate a special event with us and we are well prepared for it. For this purpose, there are wide and varied event menus that we offer - for more details call us

I tried to book a place but it is no available table at the time I want, what can be done?

We understand that you are looking for a good and quality place to eat, don't worry! The restaurant is part of a chain of restaurants that all have the same standard!

No room at Sasson Bar? We will be happy to try to find you a place in any of our other restaurants (Sinta Bar and Mambo Milano)

Is it possible to purchase a gift card for your restaurant?

We offer a gift card valid at all three of our premium restaurants. (Sinta Bar, Sasson Bar and Mambo Milano). To purchase a gift card click here.

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