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 מנת כרוב על שולחן ערוך ומלא

Sasson Bar

Sasson Bar from the Sinta Bar group is a unique culinary bar located in the heart of the Ahuza neighborhood in Haifa.

The Sasson Bar is a place to drink & eat, alone, as a couple or with the family on Friday evening.

The atmosphere is exclusive and is reserved only for Sasson Bar - those who know - know.

In a small and warm building, with an enveloping and meticulous design, you come to hang out, forget and laugh.

Chef Ram Lasri's menu is based on inspirations from the countries of the Mediterranean, with memories and nostalgia from home.

In a constant search for old-new tastes, the menu changes and is constantly updated, allows regular customers to enjoy the experience every time.

The Sasson Bar has positioned itself at the heart of the culinary consciousness in Haifa, attracting people from all over the country who have heard about the experience and want to go to a place that always feels familiar.

This year, Sasson Bar celebrates 10 years of activity and accordingly it will be a summer full of activities, stay tuned :)

סועדות נהנות על הבר בששון
שולחן מלא במנות טעימות וצבעוניות עם אנשים שעושים ׳לחיים׳.

Our Food

Creating good food requires emotion and intelligence, thinking first and understanding the magic created by the right combination of ingredients and flavors.

When food is born from an emotional, nostalgic and creative place, an iconic menu is born that you return to again and again.

The Sasson's menu is its heart, a menu connected to seasonal agricultural produce, diverse but specific spices and flavors, cuts and fresh fish. Every dish in Sasson has history, thought and a cultural connection behind it.

So that you can enjoy Sasson also in deliveries, we have created a menu of the dishes suitable for the delivery experience, we invite you to check it out.

Come work with us

We're seeking dedicated individuals who are passionate about delivering exceptional service and maintaining high standards.


- Shift work   - Work on weekends

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